Boothill Speedway

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STSS Cajun Big Block Modifieds!!

STSS Cajun Big Block Modifieds!!

STSS Cajun Big Block Modifieds April15th!!

ASCS National Sprint Car Series

ASCS National Sprint Car Series

April 22nd!!

6/6/2020 - Boothill Speedway

6/6/2020 - Boothill Speedway

Greenwood, LA

22 entries


A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 4-Jeffrey Beshea; 2. 211-Chase Hatton; 3. 27-Mike Washburn; 4. 5-Mike Morris; 5. 8-Gene Boyter; 6. 43J-BJ Cook; 7. 4V-Doug Vick Jr; 8. 49C-Timothy Bell; 9. 2-Jeff Rice; 10. 29-Cameron Pate; 11. 3C-Colby Collins; 12. 34X-Richard Cecil; 13. 33-Randy Darlin; 14. 96-Michael Knighton; 15. 16-Jason Beasley; 16. 57-Austin Dupont; 17. 143-Kevin Forester; 18. *3-Robert Delude; 19. 1-Tony Lindsey; 20. 22-Robert Graham; 21. 55X-Chase Vines; 22. 27L-Carl Lindsey

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